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With heavy hearts the OPDTC board has agreed it is best to cancel our 2020 Obedience and Rally trials set for October 31/ November 1 at Reid Park because of the COVID-19 virus. These would have been our 133rd, 134th & 135th Obedience trials, our 35th, 36th & 37th Rally trials. Since we have no way of knowing what the pandemic will be like in the fall; the board, being financially prudent, thought it best to cancel the trials now rather than going ahead with planning for the trials and spending money that might not be refunded if we had to cancel in late September or early October.

Also because of the pandemic OPDTC is canceling its fall training class series. We are hoping that the virus will have quieted by January and we will be able to hold our Sunday afternoon winter class series. Currently park field use is closed with recommendations that when opened groups are limited to no more than 10 mask wearing people.

These are scary, confusing times. I wish we could give the virus a strong, empathic just go away command and be back to training our dogs.


Stay safe..... wear a mask.....wash your dog


Felice Jarrold

Opdtc prez



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