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November 2nd & 3rd 2019
Three Obedience Trials and Three Rally Trials
Earn Your Dog’s Obedience or Rally Title in One Fun Weekend!
Reid Park Dog Training Area
22nd Street and Country Club
Tucson, AZ
Reid Park Dog Training area
La Quinta Reid Park will be the host hotel for our trial weekend. The hotel is just blocks away from the trial site. LQ is offering special rates to all exhibitors.
Continental breakfast and lunch served to all exhibitors both
Saturday and Sunday.
The goal of Old Pueblo Dog Training Club is to consistently host well-organized
and welcoming obedience and rally trials. Each year we invite judges
known for their integrity, efficiency but
most of all for their lively, friendly and fun personalities —
2019 is no different so. . .
OPDTC 2019 Trial Judges:
James Comunale & Mrs. Dawn M. Antoniak-Mitchell Esq.
Scroll down to meet our judges
Show Secretary: Kathy Hand or 480-495-0434



AKC Judge
James Comunale






I am very pleased to be judging for Old Pueblo DTC! Judging has become my dominant dog activity in recent years after over 30 years of showing heavily in Obedience. My primary breed has been Golden Retrievers (having taken 5 of them to the OTCH title and numerous other accomplishments) but I have also sprinkled in one Sheltie (who also attained her OTCH) and currently have added a wild Border Collie (yes, wilder than most!). It’s the Border Collie who is making me humble, wondering what I may have gotten myself into, but I thoroughly enjoy the challenge he presents (most of the time!). I judge all classes of AKC Obedience and Rally as well as UKC Obedience. I love seeing and judging many different teams, at many different levels of accomplishment and with many different goals. There is a place for everyone in the sport. Good luck to all exhibitors and let’s all try to have fun!



AKC Judge
Mrs. Dawn M. Antoniak-Mitchell Esq.

I started competing in AKC obedience trials with my first Dalmatian when I was an undergraduate at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and I immediately fell in love with the challenges and rewards of competitive dog obedience. During graduate school, when the AKC started offering agility, my Dals and I competed in the first agility trials in Nebraska, and also began competing in tracking and conformation. When the Versatile Companion Dog program began, I earned the first VCD2 in Dal-matians with a very special Dal who worked his heart out for me each and every time we stepped into the ring together.
Shortly after graduating from law school, I began branching out into other breeds and added both Curly-Coated Retrievers and Jack Russell Terriers to our family. When the AKC started offering rally, I competed in the first ever AKC rally trials, held in Rapid City, SD, over New Year’s weekend in 2005 (the first trial started at midnight!) and finished the first rally titles in the country for both Curly-Coats and Jacks (before AKC changed the name to Parson Russell Terrier). I am so blessed to still be bossed around by that Jack that competed in those rally trials – Lizzie B. continues to be the queen of our home at 17 ½ years old now and still keeps all the other dogs in line! Be-sides truly being my once-in-a-lifetime companion and competing in various sports with me, Lizzie was a therapy dog for nearly 14 years, visiting patients in the pediatric oncology ward at a local hospital, working in an inner-city after-school program, traveling to schools to help children improve their reading skills, and entertaining the residents at the assisted living facility where my grandma lived. She also still holds the honor of being the most used animal model for Hallmark and shows up on cards, stickers, and other Hallmark items even today.
After retiring from the full-time practice of law and opening BonaFide Dog Academy 13 years ago in Omaha, NE, I added in Border Collies to the family and, of course, that led to herding adventures, as well as freestyle, parkour, lure coursing, canicross, trick dog training, theater work, and, just this year, dock diving, as well as continuing to compete in the more established AKC dog sports. I obtained both my professional trainer (2004) and behavioralist (2010) national certifications through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and have authored four books on dog training through Dogwise Publishing, winning the 2015 Captain Haggerty Best Training Book of the Year award from the Dog Writers’ Association of America. In addition to running a full-time training facility, I also lectured on the Americans with Disabilities Act and service dogs and presented training seminars.
In mid-January 2019, an unexpected career opportunity came up for my spouse and we found ourselves moving on short notice from Nebraska to Arizona. I sold my training business to friends I first met as training students at BonaFide, and the business is continuing to thrive under their guidance. Thanks to my wonderfully supportive spouse of nearly 33 years, I am enjoying a “sabbatical” to figure out what I really want to do when I finally grow up! We currently share our home with two Jack Russell Terriers, one Dalmatian, and one Border Collie, which keeps me busy. On the rare occasion when I’m not training, competing, or judging dog sports, I also enjoy photography, knitting, travel, and hiking.
I truly enjoy watching each and every team that enters my ring and am honored to have the opportunity to play a part in these events. I could never imagine the places I’d travel to, the friends I’d make, or the chances I’d have to support these sports through judging when I sent in my application to judge rally and obedience back in 2005!
I wish the best of luck to every team entered in these trials! Please remember to always put your dog ahead of the sport in your heart. No matter how you perform as a team in the competition ring, your dog will still love you just the same after you leave the ring!
AKC Judge
Mrs. Dawn M. Antoniak-Mitchell Esq.

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