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Class Information

1. Please do not allow your dog to socialize with other dogs while at OPDTC  unless it is in a puppy class and then only at the instructors discretion. From the time the dog comes out of your car, please keep him close to you and under control and on leash at all times. We want you and the dogs to have a positive experience here and you do not know how one dog will react to another in a strange place and situation. Thank you for joining us in keeping everyone safe from injury.

2. Your dog can wear a harness or a flat collar to class and also bring a 4-6 ft leash.

3. Please wear comfortable shoes, such as sneakers. A good running shoe works best for most handlers. Sandals, flip-flops, platform shoes, and boots are not good choices.

4. Make sure your dog has been pottied before class. Please pickup after your dog. We want to keep our training site as clean as possible.

5. Please do not bring a sick dog to class. He/she can’t learn well and it is not fair to the other dogs to expose them if your dog is contagious.

6. If your bitch comes into season, DO NOT bring her to a class. However, during this 2-3 week period, the handler’s attendance is encouraged. Some of the lessons taught in class can be taught at home.

7. Please notify the instructor if for any reason you cannot attend class.

8. The OPDTC trainers reserve the right to drop any dog from class. If this is necessary, we will refund the balance of your fee and assist you in finding a private trainer more suited to your dog’s temperament.

9. Please bring high value treats (for example, cut-up hot dogs, small pieces of chicken, freeze dried beef, cheese, or anything else your dog loves) and/or toys to class.

10.Your dog must not be aggressive to other people or dogs.

11.The weekly lesson is not sufficient for training your dog. Please practice lessons at home so that you and your dog will be prepared for class.

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